The Purpose

This blog is merely to share my investment ideas and should be viewed only for learning purpose.

I will share my investment ideas or cases as and when I feel like it. The style of the writing will be super casual and most of the times will be as if I am talking to my friends or buddies (and of course to myself).

I appreciate self depreciating and hope the readers would view my frankness and at times, bluntness, at ease.

If you expect excellent and flawless English, you will be greatly disappointed.

I hope my sincere sharing and investment ideas outweigh my flaw in writing.

Investment to me is like treasure hunting with all the excitements in the process and money just happens to be the by-product (which is not bad after all).

My views should be your Gilbert & Sullivan’s: “the flowers that bloom in the spring, have nothing to do with the case”



Taiga – roughly right

I don’t believe in precision in valuing a company.

In my investment, I’d like to be roughly right and not precisely wrong.

At price of C$1.07, Taiga has Market Cap of about C$125M.

In high building seasons (Mar-Sep) or Taiga’s Financial report Q2 & Q3, they roughly earn about C$9-11M in bottom line.

In cold season (Oct-Feb), Taiga roughly earns about C$3-6M.

In short, it will, by and large, earn about C$12-17M per year.
At least in average across building cycles, it should earn about  C$14-16M per year.

With that, the expected return on investment will be roughly 10% – 15%.

Such return is satisfactory to me.

How about you?



Avarga – a start?

Avarga was arguably the starting point of Genghis Khan’s empire.

I have zero idea on how to build such empire.
But if I’d venture a guess, the starting point got to be root strong!
Like the tree, to grow big and wide, the roots have to be damn strong.

This Avarga is obviously inspired by that Avarga.
Since it is the starting point, he definitely need strong roots.
Strong roots to cushion the storms and uncertainties before venturing out to build an empire.

Do they have such strong roots?
I hope after reading the writing, you may form your own conclusion.
By being invested, my view (or rather, bias) is pretty obvious.

Priced at S$0.2, Avarga has market cap of about S$200M.
Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.
What Values?